For tattoo removal we use the Q switch ND Yag laser in our clinic. This laser is just used for tattoo removal and does not harm the skin. Before this machine was designed, there used to be complications due to the use of machines that were not meant for tattoo removal.

On each and every session the Q Switch ND Yag laser fades the colour of the tattoo. This is not a treatment that creates miracles in one session. The treatment shows greater effect on tattoos that are at the surface of the skin. If the ink has been applied deeper into the skin, more session will be needed for it to fade. If you have a friend who is also going through the same treatment, their tattoo might fade quicker or slower compared to yours.

The expected result of the treatment is the tattoo to fade some in each session. We take images of the tattoo before each session to compare long term results and you should also take a photograph with your mobile to have something to go back and compare it with (because when you look at the area everything it might be difficult to judge the colour fading)

The treatment is repeated every 3-4 weeks. Sometimes in the area that is treated there might be water retention, swelling or scabs, which is extremely normal. And sometimes none of these things happen, but you must prepare yourself for the worst case scenario and make sure if the tattoo is on your face you don’t have an important meeting, wedding or any other important ceremonies right after this treatment.

If there is hair in the area that is treated (e.g. eyebrows). The hair will temporarily go white. It will be back to normal within roughly about a month so there is nothing to be concerned about. You can dye the hair during this period if you are uncomfortable.


In the early period, you can use the Bepanthol (hand and face) cream 2-3 times a day to keep that area moisturized. Don’t forget to use a 30 SPF sunscreen on top of the bepanthol cream.  Even if you are indoors or the weather is rainy you must use sunscreen. This is to make sure that the initial /non-permanent darker colour of the skin after the treatment does not become permanent due to sun’s damage. You can also conclude form this that people who live in Cyprus should use sunscreen at least once a day every morning to protect their face, regardless of the weather or season.

Keep the area that has been treated away from chemicals (washing up liquid, floor cleaning products/any other household cleaning product, wall paint). If the treated area is on your hand, make sure you do not wear disposable gloves with powder in them. If the area that is treated are your eye brows you can dye the hair in this section without any problems.

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